Sunday, June 9, 2019


Ms Lisa Fischer with Grand Baton.

Dunstan Playhouse.  Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Adelaide Festival Centre. June 7 and 8 2019

Reviewed by Peter Wilkins

Lisa Fischer. Photo: F19
Ms Lisa Fischer wears a smile that radiates love. Charismatic, she surges with the joy of song, powerful, and bewitching, a songstress, possessed and enveloping us in her spirit and her amazing vocal range and dexterity.  From soaring cadenzas to deep throated intonations, her performance is mesmerizing as she transports heart and soul through surpising jazz, glorious gospel, full throated rock, the magic of R and B and  playful  fun with pop.

Lisa Fisher and Grand Baton. Photo:Djeneba Aduayom 
It is rare for an artist to open a show by introducing her musicians. Fischer’s respect for Afro-Caribbean  Grand Baton is immediately evident in her introduction of  Thierry Arpino  on percussion, Aidan Carroll on vocals and Bass and her musical director JC (Founder of Grand Baton Jean Christophe Maillard)   on vocals, guitar and keyboard. Throughout the seventy five minute performance, Fischer leaves the stage to her band, highlighting the jazz segments and astounding talent of each member of Grand Baton.  Enthralling nd uplifting, Fischer’s music moves us into a meditative plane of absolute immersion in the sheer wonder of her larger than life personality and talent.
For me, the show becomes true cabaret when Fischer breaks the fourth wall to engage with the audience and the house lights come up on the tables set on the floor in front of the stage. Seductively, she moves among the tables, stopping to tease and tantalize some unsuspecting male with her sultry version of You Give Me Fever. The grammy award winning artist who has sung alongside such rock legends as Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Sting and Rhythm and Blues giant, Luther Vandross stands as equal, a unique force in making each genre her own, backed by the singular sound of Grand Baton.
To be possessed by Ms Lisa Fischer with Grand Baton is to be moved to a heightened experience of the all enveloping power of voice and music. A ten out of ten experience.