Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just joined -Stella

I have just joined this site and intend to post Reviews and Crits of live performances on stage in Canberra. I have deep interest in most forms of theatre and particularly want to suppport our new writers, as well as those doing really good childrens's theatre, e.g. Nina Stevenson's work. We are fortunate in Canberra in having access to proper training from primary school, high school and colleges (Hawk Theatre, especially). The many successful Canberra performers in Australian main stream is proof of that. It seems to me that this circle may become a guardian and protector of this unique arts community.
Stella Wilkie


  1. Hi there,
    I am still trying to work out how to use this blog, given that I can't find the Now Post button. Congratulations Malcolm and Stella on navigating your way into this blog.
    Congratulations Graham and Helen on setting this up and I hope that it becomes a popular platform for comment, opinion and communication.
    Happy blogging everyone.

  2. Hi

    New stuff to me too, this blogging.
    Well done to the pioneers.
    Perhas a virtual bottle of champagne could be broken over the virtual bow of the ship...

  3. Inspired by the prowess of Stella and Malcolm I have wrestled with this website for two days..and Eureka! ..I have just managed to publish my first post.

    Now I am tackling.."Post a comment" and not having much success.."Patience Camille!"
    If you read this comment then you will know I've finally succeeded. If the Obituaries..I'll have slit my wrists!