Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Max Gambale,Anthony Simeonovic, Calen Robinson, Tim Stiles
Presented by Supa Productions Inc.

ANU Arts Centre until 20th April.

Reviewed by Bill Stephens


What’s not to like about “Eurobeat Amost Eurovision”?   This evening of seriously silly fun embraces everything that’s fabulous about the Eurovision Song Contest, while sending it up sky high, resulting in a gloriously trashy, irresistibly entertaining production ideal for sharing with a party of your besties. 
The premise is brilliantly simple. Fifteen countries compete, with each act more excruciating than the last. During interval the audience vote, either by iPhone or on voting coupons supplied. During the second act the voting is counted, and the winner announced. On opening night it was the obsequious Irish entrant, Ronan Corr (Cameron Gill) who won over the audience with his fog-bound rendition of “La-La-La”.   

Lachlan Ruffy (Sergei) Sarah Golding (Boyka) 
Utilising vast amounts of sequins, glitter, paper flitter flutter and heavy fog, first time director Emma Tattam gets the tone pitch perfect.  Lachlan Ruffy and Sarah Golding are brilliant as the viperish Sergei, and vapid Boyka, who just manage to maintain an uneasy truce long enough to compere the show.  The large ensemble cast frequently change identities and nationalities. The accents are definitely dodgy, and not all fifteen acts hit their mark, indeed some rather outstay their welcome. But all are well-rehearsed, and enthusiastically performed in clever costumes by Suzan Cooper which range from inspired to outlandish.
Jordan Kelly, surely Canberra’s busiest choreographer, has excelled himself in creating a succession of brilliant laugh-out-loud, high-camp dance routines which are enhanced by Phil Goodwin’s truly dazzling light show.  So what’s not to like about “Eurobeat” ?
                                                              Photos: Mick Deutsch
This review appears in full on the on-line edition of "City News" and an edited version appears in CITY NEWS 11th July Edition.

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