Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zombie film producer outlines realities

Daniel Sanguineti
As part of the Canberra Critics’ Circle ongoing winter “In conversation…” series, on Tuesday, August 6, the critics met Canberra independent film producer, Daniel Sanguineti.

Daniel, who has  a Bachelor’s Degree of Communication in Media and TV Production and is completing a Masters in  Creative Writing,  has been a filmmaker for nearly ten years after previously working for a regional Australian television broadcaster. He now runs Sanguineti Media Pty. Ltd. which is a Canberra based, family-owned independent film and video production company  specialising in online content and TV commercials, as well as documentary and narrative films.

With two current projects in the Zombie Horror movie category,   “Theatre of the Dead,” directed by Patrick J. Gallagher and “Me and My Mates Vs the Zombie Apocalypse,” scripted and directed by 21-year-old Declan Shrubb, he had much to tell the assembled critics about how to get financial backing for a film.

Given that most of the critics present were from the theatre panel, the differences  in the scale of funding, the lead-time and the complexities of judging the target audience for film production were explored. Other questions related to the considerable involvement of ScreenACT in the second project.

Daniel outlined the increasing importance across the arts  of crowd-funding.

The next “In conversation…” session will be with pianist- improviser Elaine Loebenstein.

Helen Musa

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