Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NOTICE: Canberra Critics' Circle symposium on Splinters Theatre of Spectacle

Splinters: Faust
Splinters: only in Canberra? 

A Canberra Critics' Circle symposium on Splinters Theatre of Spectacle  
Saturday November 2 
from 1.30pm to 4pm 
at The Canberra Museum and Gallery Theatrette. 

FREE event. RSVP via or 6207 3968.

Splinters Theatre of Spectacle was an Australian Performance Troupe formed in Canberra in 1985 by David Branson, Patrick Troy, Ross Cameron, and John Utans, that was known for large outdoor spectacles.[1] Between 1985 and 1996, Splinters produced more than 20 works that played at Australian theatre festivals. In 1992, they produced Cathedral of Flesh which won the Best Promenade Theatre Performance Award, at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.[2]
[Wikipedia ]

Speakers will include:

Patrick Troy, one of the founders of Splinters.
Actor/Artist  Renald Navilly on Splinters as a theatre process.
Curator, former  Splinters member Gavin Findlay on the archiving of Splinters records.
Canberra author Joel Swadling on the  biography he is writing about the late David Branson.
Educator/Theatre critic Frank McKone on the influence of ACT College arts and drama on the development of Splinters.

Assistant Professor Dr Geoff Hinchcliffe on the visual culture of Splinters
Canberra Critics' Circle convener  Helen Musa in the chair.

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