Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Book and music by Peter Best
Directed by Jordan Best
A Centrepiece Theatre Production
Q Theatre, Queanbeyan 10.30am daily until Sunday 24 January.

Review by Len Power 19 January 2016

Attending the opening performance of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ at the Q Theatre in Queanbeyan, it was wonderful to see the young audience utterly captivated by the characters and story of this well-known nursery rhyme.

It may be a story we all know but Peter Best’s clever script and sprightly music adds an agreeable extra dimension to the story.  In addition, Jordan Best’s colourful production looks great on the wide Q Theatre stage and the strong cast of four squeeze every nuance out of the script and look like they’re having a good time doing it.

The Three Bears - Jim Adamik, Kiki Skountzos and Tim Sekuless

Jim Adamik as Papa Bear is gruff but kindly.  The children warmed to him immediately.  Kiki Skountzos as Mama Bear is funny and cuddly as well as motherly and Tim Sekuless really scores as Baby Bear with an air of charming innocence that the children would instantly relate to.  The bears would have been a hard act to follow, but Amy Dunham as Goldilocks showed her strong performance skills, quickly winning the audience over and singing beautifully.

Goldilocks - Amy Dunham

Right from the start each performer engaged really well with the children in the audience.  As an older audience member it was very funny hearing some of the children’s responses to questions put to them by the characters from the stage.  Only five minutes into the show, Jim Adamik as Papa Bear asked the children ‘What do we do now?’  It was great fun to see how skilfully and amusingly he reacted to the unexpected response, ‘Take a rest’!

The songs in the show are delightful, especially ‘Bear Bottoms’ which had such a catchy tune I caught myself humming it on my way out afterwards to the carpark.  Amy Dunham’s song, ‘I’m Sorry’, was sensitively sung and the finale sung by the whole cast, ‘Your Best Friends Are Bears’ was charming.  Musician, Matthew Webster, in a fabulous cow costume, nicely accompanied the cast on keyboard.

Jordan Best has produced a very energetic production with lots of visual humour and simple but effective choreography.  She has taken great care to ensure that every moment is non-threatening for its young audience.  It’s not preachy or dumbed down either but it does show children quietly that it pays to be kind to everyone.  The set and costumes have been nicely designed and executed and Kelly McGannon’s fine lighting design makes the colours in the set and costumes really eye-catching.

After the show, the cast are available to meet the children from the audience in the foyer.

Tim Sekuless as Baby Bear meets a fan in the theatre foyer after the show. Partially hidden in the background is musical accompanist,Matthew Webster, in CCC (Clever Cow Camouflage).
 The publicity suggests the show is suitable for children up to eight years.  This somewhat over eight reviewer enjoyed it, too.

Photos by Len Power
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