Saturday, July 23, 2022



Written By Joel Horwood

Directed by Jordan Best

Echo Youth Theatre production

The Q Theatre Queanbeyan to 30 July


Reviewed by Len Power 22 July 2022


‘This Changes Everything’ at the Q Theatre in Queanbeyan is the first production of Echo Youth Theatre, showcasing 18 young actors in the early stages of their theatrical experiences.

 The 2015 play by English playwright, Joel Horwood, looks at what happens when a group of idealistic teenagers, disillusioned with the world, leave and form their own community on an isolated island.  They try living by three codes: The Community is the individual and the individual is The Community; we all work to make this place; and there are no bad answers.  They soon find that idealism is not the answer they thought it would be and when three new teenagers arrive and ask to join, the problems increase.

This ‘Animal Farm’ meets ‘Lord Of The Flies’ scenario plays out predictably as the community find it’s not as easy to change the world as they initially thought.

Jade Breen

The show has been given an elaborate set design by director, Jordan Best, which nicely evokes this isolated world.  It also has an effective sound design that utilizes notable atmospheric original music by young cast member, William Best.

In line with the community ideas presented in the play, it seems as if the actors were allowed to create their roles basically as themselves.  The result is quite uneven and the group’s lack of basic stagecraft is clearly evident.

Stephanie Stephens, Kendra Robertson

Dialogue is either gabbled at high speed or delivered so quietly with no energy, much of the show is hard to follow.  There seems to be no thought behind the lines being spoken and the lack of eye contact during conversations between characters is quite disconcerting.

Youth theatre that gives young people an opportunity to engage with the world of theatre and learn elementary stagecraft is to be encouraged and Echo Youth Theatre is a fine initiative.

However, it was disappointing that this production showed little evidence of stage skills learned.


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