Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Take Their Life - Romeo and Juliet Reimagined" - Canberra Dramatics - TAC 5-14 Nov.2009

I went along to see "Take their Life" on Thursday night and found myself thoroughly intrigued and entertained.
Exploring the premise of what may have been the outcome if Romeo and Juliet had not died, the first part of the play was a scaled down, modified version of what Shakespeare wrote, presented in modern dress on an attractive set, designed by Simon and Imogen Wall, and inspired by their recent visit to the Globe Theatre.
After interval the play then takes over from Shakespeare, but is written in Shakespearean language so that the transition is fairly seamless.
Among the large cast there were some good performances, most notably from Peter Stiles as Romeo, Rebecca Nicholson as Lady Capulet and Diane Heather as the nurse, all of whom managed the Shakespearean dialogue with aplomb.
Melissa Savage as Juliet, Hanna Dawson as Rosaline and Michael Jordon as Capulet were all impressive and will be even better if they can get over a tendency to rush their lines.
I'm not sure if the new ending is any more believable than the original..and I won't spoil your enjoyment by telling you what it is ..but I do urge you to try and get along to see this production. The ideas presented will make for some stimulating dinner party conversation.

Bill Stephens..Dress Circle" ..Artsound FM 92.7..Sunday 08.11.09