Saturday, November 14, 2015


Musica da Camera playing at Holy Covenant Anglican Church, Cook

Jonathan McFeat, Musical Director
Rebecca Carpenter, Flute
Holy Covenant Anglican Shurch, Cook 14 November
Sts Peter & Paul’s Catholic Athedral, Goulburn 15 November

Review by Len Power 14 November 2015

One of the really good things about Musica Da Camera’s concerts is the variety of items in their programs. This concert included classic Vivaldi, delightfully complex C.P.E Bach, nervously troubling Hindemith, glorious Pergolesi and sublime Nielsen.

Nicely conducted with good control by Jonathan McFeat, this 17 or so person orchestra produced a fine sound in all of the works presented.  The acoustics of the Holy Covenant Church at Cook made it an excellent venue for a classical concert.

The program got off to a good start with Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosso in D-Minor.  Its three contrasting movements were well played, especially the second movement which required a gentle, delicate touch to bring out the emotions under the surface.

Next, the orchestra played C.P.E. Bach’s Sinfonia No. 2 with great confidence and vibrancy.  The third movement was especially well performed, displaying the drama in the music.  You could see in the orchestra member’s faces that they were having fun playing it, too.  In complete contrast, Paul Hindemith’s Fünf Stücke (Five Pieces) is an enjoyably nightmarish work with great variation between its five parts.  The lively third piece was the standout here, the conductor and orchestra nicely bringing out the haunting nervousness under the surface.

Pergolesi’s Concerto For Solo Flute was a spirited, joyful work with a great second movement, sensitively played by flute soloist, Rebecca Carpenter.  The orchestra was particularly successful in showing the full colour of the rousing third and final movement.

Widely recognized as Denmark’s greatest composer, Carl Nielsen was represented in this concert with his Suite For Strings, Op. 1.  It’s a sublime work, lilting one moment, grand in scale the next and it was played very well by the orchestra.  It was a great choice to wind up a very enjoyable concert.

Once again, Musica Da Camera shone with thoughtfully chosen works consistently well played.  They fully deserved the audience’s obvious appreciation.

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