Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Directed by Scott Maidment - Musical Direction by Steve Toulmin
Choreographed by Kevin Maher - Set and Lighting designed by Philip Gladwell
Costumes designed by James Browne

The Spiegletent – Canberra Theatre Centre forecourt until 20th May 2018

Reviewed by Bill Stephens

Monieur Romeo and the cast of "Blanc de Blanc" 
Performed in the beautiful Fortuna Spiegeltent, the biggest of the spiegeltents currently touring Australia, and boasting a cast of world-class acrobats and dancers, all sporting seriously ripped bodies which they’re happy to flaunt, with or without the lavishly bejewelled and spangled, costumes, “Blanc de Blanc” provides a deliciously, decadent evening of sensational acrobatic feats, classic burlesque and in-your-face nudity.

A discourse on  the pleasures of champagne, delivered with cheeky insolence by the show’s suave Maite d’, Monsieur Romeo, provides the through-line for a succession of stunning acts, each more amazing than the last, punctuated by well-choreographed dance routines, genuinely funny physical comedy routines, and slickly staged  eye-candy.  

Monsieur Romeo and members of the cast of "Blanc de Blanc" 
Like most of the rest of the cast, Monsieur Romeo began the show elegantly costumed, but by interval had stripped to black speedo’s to wallow in a bubbling hot-tub, much to the delight of the first-night glitterati, who literally fell over each other to be photographed with him, and other similarly attired members of the cast, in a strange interlude towards the end of the other-wise fast moving show.
Milena Straczynski in "Blanc de Blanc" 
Several of the featured acts have previously performed with Cirque du Soleil, including the impossibly slender, Spencer Novich, who together with the glamourous J’aiMime, provided much of the comedy with his unusual mix of mime and contortion. Contortion also featured in Shun Sugimoto’s astonishing turn which drew gasps from the first night audience. Milena Straczynski, sporting bright red hair, amazed with her astonishing strength and flexibility performing high above the heads of the audience in a glass-bottomed, hotel luggage trolley. Later she teamed with partner, Hampus Jansson to perform an erotic double act swinging precariously from aerial straps.

Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski in "Blanc de Blanc" 

Glamorous singer/dancers Laura New and Zelia Rose, together with Fremantle born, Jess Mews, who impressed with her brilliant hoola hoop routine, completed the talented ensemble cast which perform Scott Maidment’s delightful and determinedly decadent confection.
                                   Images by David James McCarthy and Pamela Raith

                 This review first published in the digital edition of CITY NEWS on 29.04.18