Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Shell Shock by Neil Blower Watkin.  Adapted and performed by Tim Marriott. Stand Tall 4 PTS.

Canberra - National Portrait Gallery
Monday 22 October - 2pm + 7pm
Tuesday 23 October - 2pm

Canberra - Canberra Museum + Gallery
Wednesday 24 October - 2pm + 7pm

Sydney - Cranbrook School
Saturday 27 October 27 - 7pm

Shell Shock previewed in Canberra a week or so before its Oct 24 season and what a strong piece on PTSD and the sheer senselessness of war it turned out to be.

It’s been played by a younger actor and in a version with a female medic but here British veteran actor Tim Marriott gives the version of the 30 year vet, out of the army after decades of gruelling service and picking up the pieces in civilian life.

Easy to see why it’s had awards at both the Adelaide and the Edinburgh Fringes.

Marriott shows the disintegration of Tommy Atkins as he battles to reach somewhere normal after Afghanistan and especially after the traumatic loss of a mate. But there’s also a sense of his resilience and humour.

It’s a powerful 90 minutes or so with resonances especially for those who have been military and the wider project leads anyone affected to sources of help.

Alanna Maclean