Friday, November 24, 2023


Co-creators: Siobhan Ginty, Suzanne Jones and Del Wynegar

Directed by Siobhan Ginty, Associate Director: Del Wynegar

Production: JONES Theatrical Group, Sydney Coliseum Theatre, Canberra Theatre Centre and Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Canberra Theatre, Canberra Theatre Centre to 3 December


Reviewed by Len Power 23 November 2023

It used to be enough in magic shows to just have a magician, a props table and a pretty assistant. Now the computer generation has “Metaverse Of Magic”, a spectacular, interactive show that dazzles the eyes with stunning production values built around a troupe of very clever magicians.

The magicians, Charli Ashby, HARA, Horret Wu, Jarred Fell, Sabine van Diemen and Ash Hodgkinson aka Ash Magic are a young, international group. All of them perform astounding illusions with great style leaving us open-mouthed with wonder.

Illusionist, HARA

This is a show on two levels. You can sit back and be entertained in the usual way by this colourful, energetic entertainment or you can choose to interact with a computer game that is part of the show and works via your phone.

Ash Hodgkinson aka Ash Magic checks the game scores

Clearly a lot of thought and planning has gone into this game by Simone Clow and George Kacevski of ZEBRAR.  It was easy to follow the set up instructions issued before the show and it added an exciting and challenging extra dimension if you decided to play it.  I had a woeful score at the end of the game compared to other players, but I certainly had fun playing it.

This co-production brings together the work of a number of very creative people. The eye-popping production design is by Patrick Larsen of Studio Bound, the lighting and video design is by Paul Collison of Eleven Design, sound design is by Julian Spink, composition is by Adam Gubman of Moonwalk Audio, choreography is by Lauren Elton and Nick Eltis of Technik is responsible for the technical direction and design.

It is a slick entertainment utilizing the best in current computer technology and is full of top class illusions. It is hugely entertaining and suitable for children as well as adults.


Photos by Jeff Busby

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