Sunday, December 17, 2023


Choreography by Cassidy Thomson,

Christopher Wade, Leyla Boz,

Liam Berg, Magnus Meagher

Mia Canton, Rory Warne

and Ruby Ballantyne

Artistic Director: Ruth Osborne

QL2 Theatre, Gorman Arts Centre, Braddon to 17 December


Reviewed by Len Power 16 December 2023


“On Course” is the annual welcoming back of QL2 alumni and friends from full-time study at universities around Australia to choreograph, collaborate and perform new short works.

This year, seven works were on offer. Four live performances were developed, rehearsed and polished over the past two weeks and there were 3 films from alumni in Melbourne who were unable to present a live performance.

The program commenced with the three films. “We Live This Very Ephemeral Life” by choreographer and performer, Cassidy Thomson, focussed on fleeting moments that can stay with you for the rest of your life. “Warped Reality”, danced and choreographed by Mia Canton and Leyla Boz, looked at the physical manipulation of reality. “Run Point” by choreographer, Magnus Meagher, was an exploration of overcoming obstacles and working together as a team.

Mia Canton and Leyla Boz in the film "Warped Reality"

While all three films had merit, “Warped Reality” was particularly successful in its sharp film editing, use of location, choice of music and appealing choreography.

The live performances commenced with Christopher Wade’s “The Space Between” which explored how the world is perceived by an introverted person. Five dancers, including Wade, performed his vision and it was notable for the clear depiction of his theme. Finely detailed group movements, a sense of threat and a feeling of optimism in a perceptive final speech, made this an effective and enjoyable work.

“Diary Of A Teenage 23 Year Old”, choreographed and danced by Ruby Ballantyne, was a very personal work that displayed the mind of an over thinker with too many thoughts and voices for her to keep up with. Her energetic dancing with a nicely displayed nervous energy, clearly showed the state of mind of this person. It was danced with skill and humour, also showing Ballantyne’s strong and charismatic acting ability.

Ruby Ballantyne

Liam Berg’s “Therapy” followed and explored the realms of therapeutic actions that bring joy to the performer. Danced by Christopher Wade and Berg himself, this was a clever and enjoyable work with clearly defined therapeutic themes, fine dancing by Wade and Berg and a humorous ending that worked well.

Christopher Wade and Liam Berg

The final work was “Held In Flesh” by Rory Warne. His work focussed on the body as an archive – a living tapestry of intertwined lineages. Six dancers performed this demanding abstract work with skill. There were especially fine groupings and fluid movements in his choreography that clearly conveyed his theme to the audience.

This year’s “On Course” was an effective and enjoyable showcase for these QL2 alumni. They were nicely assisted by the skilled dancing of their works by senior members of the QL2 dancers.

Photos by O&J Wikner Photography 

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