Sunday, November 26, 2017


QL2 Dance
Project Director: Ruth Osborne
Gorman House to 26 November

Reviewed by Len Power 25 November 2017

In this year’s ‘Hot To Trot’, the QL2 dancers and choreographers showed once again that dance has a secure future in Australia.  Ten young artists presented individually choreographed works brimming over with imagination and expertise.

This year, two choreographers presented their work on film.  Natsuko Yonezawa gave us ‘Habitus’ and Patricia Hayes Cavanagh produced ‘Blank Face, Busy Hands’.  Yonezawa’s work was more straightforward but visually interesting with its jump cutting.  Cavanagh’s work showed great imagination in its concept and use of film as a choreographic medium.

All eight other works presented live were of a high standard both in theme and realization with strong dancing by all involved.  As an audience member, the works that stand out are often those you most identify with from your own life experience.

‘Comfort Ending’ by Caroline De Wan was a highly atmospheric work danced very well by Milly Vanzwol.  There was particularly clever use of light and sound in this item.

Walter Wolffs presented ‘Aliens’, a strong work about foreign immigrants with nice group and individual work by the dancers, a clear concept and a clever ending.

‘Critical Point’ by Milly Vanzwol displayed a palpable tension in its fight or flight theme with expert dancing by Ursula Taylor and Caroline De Wan.

‘Our Room 17’ by Ruby Ballantyne used sly humor in a colourful setting to create a work that really engaged the audience and was performed very well by herself and four other dancers.

‘Caspar Ilschner’s ‘Does School Fit 7.6 Billion?’ was a fine work with a very clear theme, great use of music and strong performances by the dancers.

The lighting design for each of the works must be quite a challenge and Guy Harding has done an excellent job not only designing but operating the light cues with the precision demanded by dance.

‘Hot to Trot’ is a thoroughly enjoyable yearly event.  Next year is QL2’s 20th year.  That certainly deserves a celebration!

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