Thursday, April 21, 2022



Scott Hone from "Scott's BMX Trick Bike Show"

Directed by Tom Davis for Warehouse Circus.

Lions Youth Haven. Kambah. 19th  - 23rd April.

Reviewed by Bill Stephens.

Not even a drenching on arrival by a heavy downpour of rain, or a series of rather long, apparently obligatory welcoming speeches could dampen the enthusiasm of the capacity crowd which packed the May Wirth Big Top for the first event of the inaugural Canberra Circus Festival.

Included in the program were acts performed by skilled professionals, some with International reputations, who had actually commenced their circus careers with Warehouse Circus.  Other acts were by Warehouse Circus alumni and others from around the country on the cusp of circus careers attracted to the Canberra Circus Festival to attend the associated workshops given by these established professionals.

The program commenced appropriately with an overture conducted by an immaculately costumed maestro, (Pablo Latona from “The Ridiculous Show”) who, nonplussed by the absence of a live orchestra, wordlessly separated the compliant audience into clappers and shouters to create a symphony of eager applauders.

Taking advantage of the applause jovial Ringmaster, Rogan Josh (alias Josh Phillips an accomplished acrobat, particularly skilled on the perpendicular ladder), took the stage to introduce a tantalising selection of highlights from the busy program of circus shows being presented in the Big Top throughout the festival.

Among these acts young performers, Issi and Gerard, performed a graceful tissu aerial act, Sam showed off his tumbling and stick- juggling skills, a trio of unicyclists impressed with their tricky manoeuvres, a remarkably slim and engaging young acrobat dazzled with his dexterity balancing on dining chairs, and a skilful juggler introduced as Inspector Bounce intrigued with her ability to keep lots of tennis balls in the air at once.

Caz Walsh from "Suitcase Circus".

Caz Walsh from “Suitcase Circus” performed a heart-stopping act in which she tottered precariously on four trays of delicate wine glasses while balancing on two large rollers.  Luth Woolffe from Solid State Circus had the place in an uproar as she dashed crazily between spinning dinner plates while delivering an engaging message about balanced diets. Finally the show reached its thrilling finale, an entertaining demonstration by Scott Hone of just some of his incredible BMX Bike skills.

Full details of all the shows and workshops available during the Canberra Circus Festival can be found at


        This review first published in the digital edition of CITY NEWS on 20.04.22