Saturday, December 17, 2022


Jim Adamik (Father Bear) - Jordan Best (Mother Bear) - Jade Breen (Baby Bear)


Written by Jordan & Peter Best – Music & Lyrics by Peter Best

Presented by Echo Theatre

 The Q, Queanbeyan, 15th – 18th December 2022.

Performance on 16th December reviewed by Bill Stephens.

Emily Pogson (Goldilocks) - Jade Breen (Baby Bear) - Jordan Best (Mother Bear)
 Jim Adamik (Father Bear)

This little gem from Echo Theatre has almost become an annual treat, and very much a family affair.

Written by Jordan Best together with her father, Peter Best, with music and lyrics by Peter, performed by Jordan and her husband, Jim Adamik, together with Jade Breen and Emily Pogson, accompanied on piano by Leisa Keen,“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is aimed squarely at littleys aged up to 8 years old.

When the audience entered the theatre, the three bears were already on stage, going about their business oblivious of the audience presence.  Father Bear engrossed in his newspaper, Mother Bear busy washing up, and Baby Bear deep into a book.

As the houselights dim, each becomes aware of the audience then introduces themselves with a catchy, simple song. 

Staying on song with a storyline familiar to the age group for which the show is aimed, the script is simplicity itself. Sprinkled with questions which required, and received, enthusiastic responses from the willing audience, with the action supported by catchy melodies and simple lyrics which amplify the storyline and easy enough for even the youngest to join in enthusiastically, the best of which is a cheeky ear-worm about bears who are “bear all over”, the four actors quickly had their audience in thrall.

Jim Adamik (Father Bear) - Jordan Best (Mother Bear) - Jade Breen (Baby Bear)

Yes even the mums, dads, aunties and grannies, all of whom seemed happy to suspend belief and revert to childhood to shout warnings, sing along, even respond unselfconsciously to questions, as they enjoyed the performances of experienced actors, Jim Adamik and Jordan Best as Father and Mother Bear, together clever young emerging actor Jade Breen as a cute-as-a-button, Baby Bear, enchant their charges.

Adding to the fun,  Emily Pogson delighted with her rather saucy Goldilocks, while Leisa Keen, disguised as a happy cow, provided impeccable accompaniment throughout.

Emily Pogson as Goldilocks

Performed in a pretty, storybook setting, and at 40 minutes without interval, just long enough to sustain interest for the younger audience members, “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” offered a delightful introduction to theatre for younger audiences as well as a perhaps unexpectedly happy Christmas time experience for their jaded carers.  

                                                     Images by Ben Appleton