Friday, February 24, 2023



Kirsty Webeck- A Bit of Fun. 

Presented by Laughing Stock Productions. Rhino Room – Drama Llama. Adelaide Fringe. Until February 25 2023.

Reviewed by Peter Wilkins

Kirsty Webeck must be the most unassuming stand-up comedian I know. What you see in this very natural comedian is what you get. The title of her latest show A Bit of Fun is a total misnomer. It’s a lot of fun, not in a hit you over the head humour kind of way or a dollop out the sex, sleaze and sarcasm punchline kind. It’s much more subtle than that and much more natural. It’s original and delivered direct from the head and straight from the heart. It’s ironic that Webeck who studied marketing at uni has a tendency to undersell herself, and let her show do the selling of an unique talent on the stand up comedy circuit.

Born and raised in the political epicentre of the nation, Webeck avoids the political absurdities that Canberra’s cartoonists have honed into a biting art form. Her comedy is highly personal as she regales her dislike of ballet and Swan Lake in particular. “It’s too long.” She would never make a good parent. “  I require a minimum of 71/2 hours sleep every night.” And there’s her name. How many times do people say Kristy? “Kirsty means of Christ and Kristy is just risky Kristy which doesn’t rate next to thirsty Kirsty. What is quite amazing about Webeck’s ability to get my laughometer rising is her phenomenal ease of segueing into her next subject. Names make excellent fodder for a swipe at the ridiculous. Babies names, shark names, her own name, her scooter’s name, dogs names and bigger than them all, the mighty Sperm Whale. This is Webeck at her funniest. I am amazed at her agility and ability to simply segue from one routine to the next while also being able to reference earlier jokes in a later context.. Her show seems effortless, the butt of her humour unexpected but instantly resonating with the audience in the Drama Llama space of the Fringe’s comedy hub, the Rhino Room.

If there was any doubt about Webeck’s ability to surprise and astound her account of a rat that ran up her leg only to turn out to be a ring tailed possum with a possible case of thrush should be enough to make anyone think that Webeck can turn the most unlikely stories into stand up comedy gold. It is impossible not to warm immediately to Webeck’s friendly manner, relaxed performance and very funny kind of comedy. Webeck is making a name for herself on the stand up comedy stage and I predict that in the not too distant future she will be too big a name for the small space at the Rhino Room. If you have never been to a Kirsty Webeck show, get along soon. Her shows are heaps of fun!