Sunday, July 31, 2016


QL2 Dance
Choreographed by Sara Black, Kristina Chan, Adam Deusien and Alison Plevey
The Playhouse, Canberra Theatre Centre to 30 July

Reviewed by Len Power 30 July 2016

‘Connected’ is 2016’s flagship performance project for QL2 Dance’s Quantum Leap ensemble which consists of 32 young dance artists aged 13 to 26.  In this program, three dance works were presented, all linked by the theme of ‘connection’.

The first item, ‘Act of Contact’, was choreographed by Sara Black.  The work explored the connections we receive through our skin.  This was a finely realized work clearly showing many aspects of tactile behaviour individually and between people.  It produced pleasing groupings of dancers moving with confidence and there were interesting almost mechanical-type connections displayed as well as the human connections.  The music by Alisdair Macindoe worked perfectly with the action onstage.

‘Infinite’ examined natural connections in how we live, breathe and embody nature.  It was choreographed by Kristina Chan with good music by James Brown.  This highly original work displayed a strong understanding of theatrical presentation as well as dance.  There was good use of colour in the lighting design to heighten the atmosphere and draw focus to the action at particular points on the stage.  The sequence when small groups of dancers writhed like primitive organisms was especially well realized.  The dramatic finale was very exciting visually and aurally.

The final work was ‘All Our Might’, choreographed by Adam Deusien and Alison Plevey and looked at the connection between strength, empowerment, action and aggression.  Beginning and ending with moves similar to theatre warm up exercises, it developed into a highly dramatic work showing the good and bad sides of strength and the physical and mental impact it can bring.  The use of film produced by WildBear Entertainment added a heightened dramatic dimension to this work which was very clear in its purpose and entertaining at the same time.  Music by Adam Ventoura was particularly atmospheric and enjoyable.

The young dancers performed these works with great enthusiasm, discipline and skill, producing an entertaining and memorable program of dance.

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