Monday, April 30, 2018

Blanc de Blanc - Spiegeltent

Review by John Lombard

Strut & Fret's champagne-inspired cabaret circus "Blanc de Blanc" achieves a perfect blend of class and crass.

The cabaret evoked a stay in a luxurious French hotel, with the snide but likeable concierge Monsieur Romeo offering "full service", a nimble bellhop clambering on a luggage rank, and the night finishing with champagne in an inviting spa.

Monsieur Romeo charmed the audience as the supremely self-confident host, while his dorky and weird lieutenant Spencer won their sympathy.  Their perfectly pitched sleaziness invited to audience to be equally shameless.

Director Scott Maidment has assembled world-class performers for this cabaret.  The thrilling and sexy acts drew gasps as much as leers from the audience, with highlights including the freaky clown Spencer Novich, athletic contortionist Shun Sugimoto, and breathtaking aerials from Milena Straczynski.

The "champagne" theme of the night was well-developed, with French music, bubbles, and of course many glasses of bubbly tying the disparate acts together.

The Spiegeltent was the perfect venue for this performance, fusing the intimacy and excitement of the big top with the comfort of a theatre.

The hot tub brought out for the second half proved too inviting for some audience members, who were justly scolded for dipping in an investigative hand.

Blanc de Blanc is a night of world's best circus and cabaret, packaged with skill and judgement - a satisfying blend with a mellow finish, and corks aren't the only thing that will pop.