Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Jump First, Ask Later

Original director and choreographer Byron Perry. Tour director Karen Therese. PYT Fairfield and Force Majeure. Q Theatre, Queanbeyan. Friday May 17 at 10.30 am and 8 pm.

It felt like a wisp of a season for a short show. But Jump First, Ask Later is anything but a wisp of a show. This piece celebrates western Sydney, its mix of ethnicities and individual histories as well as the physicalities of urban music and movement. And it does so with a reflective intelligence as well as with the appealing nature of the tumbling and balancing routines.

Films of Jackie Chan and the impossible urban physical antics of many an action hero are clear influences as the six performers tumble and soliloquise around the scaffolding set. The tumbling and routines are powerful; the stories that the five young men and one young woman tell are windows into lives that reveal something of migration and much of finding a place in the world.

This might be a wisp of a review but it was hard not to come away moved by the dignity and hope of the stories and the characters. It’s a show that undoes much of the stereotyping that goes with where people live. Thanks to Joe, Patrick, Ale, Jimmy James, Ivana and Tristan for dropping by Queanbeyan with a reminder.

Alanna Maclean