Thursday, July 15, 2021

POTTED POTTER - The Unauthorized Harry Experience


Tama Jarman and Adam Brown in "Potted Potter"

Written by Daniel Clarkson and Jeff Turner

Produced by James Seabright - Directed by Daniel Clarkson

Designed by Simon Scullion – Lighting designed by Tim Mascall

Canberra Theatre Centre Playhouse – July 13th to 18th.

Reviewed by Bill Stephens.

Adam Brown and Tama Jarman in "Potted Potter"

This show could save you months of ploughing through J.K. Rowling’s books. On the other hand, it could inspire you to dig out those Harry Potter books and actually read them. However In the event that you actually have read them all, you might find yourself convulsing in paroxysms of laughter, as was the young man sitting beside your reviewer who looked hardly old enough to read, but happily confided at the end that he had read all seven books, and that the show was wonderful, thereby trumping this review.

This delightfully silly concoction, the brainchild of British writers, Daniel Clarkson and Jeff Turner, and directed by Clarkson for this 15th Anniversary tour, and performed with obvious relish and unflagging enthusiasm by  talented New Zealanders, Adam Brown and Tama Jarman, takes on the challenge of condensing the storylines of all seven Harry Potter books into seventy-five minutes.

It’s a tall order, and only the most devoted Potterphiles (and there seemed to be a lot of them in the audience) would be able to make head or tail of the madcap antics of Brown and Jarman as they assumed a myriad of characters utilising an endless stream of ridiculous costumes and props, references to Broadway musicals and enthusiastic audience participation as they skated through the convoluted plots.

The audience was up for the challenge however and happily split into opposing camps of Slytherins and Gryffinders for an energetic bout of Quidditch, cheered on Draco Malfoy and actually recognised Albus Dumbledore and Hermione Granger among the weird assortment of characters.

Tama Jarman and Adam Brown in "Potted Potter"

Whether you’re a Harry Potter tragic or simply Potter-curios, you’ll find it hard to resist this inspired lunacy guaranteed to tickle the fancy from tiny’s to Dumbledore’s (who are very old indeed).

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