Monday, October 17, 2022


 QL2 Dance “Chaos” Project 2022

Artistic Director: Ruth Osborne

Canberra College Theatre to 15 October


Reviewed by Len Power 14 October


At the Canberra College Theatre, the performers in QL2 Dance’s, “Big Little Things”, ably showed that from little things, big things grow.

39 dancers, aged from 8 to 18, presented seven items that explored our interconnectedness in many ways.  Five choreographers collaborated with the dancers to produce works filled with imagination, energy, skill and enthusiasm.

The program opened with Ruth Osborne’s “Ripples On The Pond”, a clever dance that showed how one action can have a huge impact on others.  Right from the start, the young dancers showed the discipline required to produce good work and have fun while doing it.

'Ripples On The Pond'

 Alana Stenning’s “Digging Deep: A Tale Of Tough Tradies” was infused with unexpected humour and skilful dancing as the young people donned hazard jackets and showed how it’s the little people that make big things happen.

'Digging Deep: A Tale Of Tough Tradies'

“Hidden Worlds” by choreographer, Patricia Hayes Cavanagh, was a work that focussed on people as a network of nature showing how organisms rely on each other.  It was lyrical and a moving work of calm and beauty.

Stephen and Lilah Gow’s “Inconsequential” then displayed the power and beauty of the electrical impulses of the human brain.  Dramatic and full of unexpected twists and turns, it was notable for its more demanding choreography.  The older dancers of the group deftly showed their skills in this piece.

“I Have Something To Say”, choreographed by Alanna Stenning and Patricia Hayes Cavanagh and inspired by protest, was an exciting and unusual work in which the rise and fall of the vocals were just as important as the dance.

“Broken Telephone” by Stephen Gow showed the power of rumours and how they can give rise to truthless speculations and diminishing or exaggerating facts.  The rippling movements of the dancers were particularly well-executed.

The final item, “Closing The Circle”, choreographed again by Ruth Osborne, was a celebration of the making of the show.  The high energy and enthusiasm of the dancers infused the audience.

It was interesting to observe that the younger people of the group already are displaying the discipline and basic skills necessary to go forward in dance.  The older people were given the opportunity to show the more advanced skills they have learned.  These young people have so much to look forward to, learn and enjoy as they make their way through this world of dance.


This review was first published in the Canberra CityNews digital edition of 15 October.

Photos by Lorna Sim Photography

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