Saturday, June 15, 2019


Kaye Tuckerman. Broadway Bound(but not gagged).

The Blue Room. Adelaide Festival Centre. Adelaide Cabaret Festival 2019  June 13-14

Reviewed by Peter Wilkins

Kaye Tuckerman in Broadway Bound (but not gagged)
From the back of The Blue Room Kaye Tuckerman sidles amongst the tables, urging audience members “Let’s raise the roof, hold on to the bladder and make a scene”. Songwriter, Luke’s Raise the Roof is the perfect entry to set the Adelaide Festival Centre’s The Blue Room aflame and draw the audience in to Tuckerman’s cautionary tale. Broadway Bound (but not gagged) tracks Tuckerman’s journey from the Northern beaches of Sydney to WAAPA and NIDA and across the seas to the Big Apple in search of a life on Broadway. Throughout the life story she sings songs of ambition (Corner of the Sky  from Pippin),dream songs ((Sweet Dreams  by the Eurythmics), songs of success (an Abba Medley  including Waterloo, danced t with a surprised audience member and Money, Money , Money)  and the song of Disillusionment and Despair (Don’t Wish Too Hard by Peter Allen).  But through it all Carol King’s Beautiful is a constant reminder that You’ve Got To Get Up Every Morning With A Smile On Your Face.

Broadway Bound (but not gagged) is must see cabaret by any aspiring performer with stars in their eyes and a dream in their hearts. From her early beginnings in Oliver under mentor Bob Wells, who set her on the road to Broadway, to the thrill of receiving a Green Card from Obama and embarking on a taxing but exciting tour in Mamma Mia to rejection and survival Tuckerman has hit the highs and the lows of the performer’s destiny. She is quick to repeat Nick Enright’s line in the Boy From Oz. “There are the good times and the bad times, but in between you’re in for an interesting ride”

And Broadway Bound (but not gagged) is an interesting  ride. Tuckerman sings from the heart belting out the songs of experience and breathing the notes of despair. Hers is an emotional rollercoaster ride and from the steely resolve of Let’s Raise The Roof to the soulful enticement of Bob Telson’s Calling You Tuckerman cautions  any starry-eyed dreamer  with the sound advice in George Benson’s Ón Broadway  -And I won’t quit til I’m a star on Broadway!

Backed by a wonderful musical trio of musical director, John Thorn on piano, Shireen Khemlani on bass and Jarrad Payne on drums, Tuckerman, simply dressed in black, sings from the heart with forceful renditions that could have perhaps given way at times to softer, subtler moments and gentler, less strained vocals, but for anybody who dreams of Broadway and anybody who loves musical theatre and cabaret, Tuckerman’s personal tale  is a moving and salutary tribute to those who dare to  follow their dream.