Sunday, June 9, 2019


Lior with Paul Grabowsky.

 The Dunstan Playhouse. Adelaide Festival Centre. June 7-8 2019.

Reviewed by Peter Wilkins

Lior and Paul Grabowsky
Lior’s lyrical voice lulled me into a state of relaxed enjoyment. With Wizard of the Ivories Paul Grabowsky on piano, Lior reprised popular songs including from his hit Autum Flow Album to the delight of   a responsive audience. There is no pretension to his performance. He stands simply before the microphone and sings from the heart, songs that ring with the sincerity of personal  experience such as My Grandfather and If I Lost Your Love. Anecdote gives the song a personal touch, captured in the gentle touch or occasional flourish by Grabowsky on piano. Unobtrusive showmanship accompanies the appealing charm of the singer, rendering the songs a fresh and imaginative appeal

Lior is a songwriter who instantly resonates with the listener. We identify with his experience and his true tenor voice carries us along with his music, here arranged imaginatively with Grabowsky. Piano and voice merge in  collaborative syncronicity. Here are two artists, comfortable and secure in their musicianship and  very much friends in collaboration.

Lior, away from the recording studio appears  to be the natural folk artist, embracing the flavor of his style and the subject of his music. His appeal is in the lyrical qualiy of his song, the people’s songwriter with an instinctive appreciation of the human condition. This is heightened by his anecdotes. He sings of his longing for the relaxed life in the rural surrounds of Daylesford, and his regretful  withdrawal  from the dream of a country life. He relates the challenges of a difficult relationship, and the anxiety of his stride to visit his new born daughter in the ICU unit after her premature birth. He entertains with the account of being  put on hold with Virgin and hearing one of his more serious songs played on the phone.

As the programme draws to a close, Lior reaches for his guitar, which has played second fiddle to Grabowsky’s accompaniment. In a closing song from his highly acclaimed Autumn Flow album, Lior immerses himself in his love of songwriting, singing and guitar playing, and the audience greets the partnership of these two outstanding talents with enthusiastic and appreciative applause.

I have not been particularly familiar with Lior’s music, but his talent and his popularity is undeniable, and I decide to buy a CD. That’s high praise indeed!