Tuesday, November 29, 2016


QL2 Dance
Artistic Director Ruth Osborne
QL2 Theatre, Gorman House Arts Centre to November 27

Review by Len Power 26 November 2016

QL2 Dance’s, ‘Hot To Trot’, now in its 18th edition, showcases the work of their dancers who have stepped into the role of choreographer.

Artistic Director, Ruth Osborne, explains that ‘it is not only a chance for them to explore ideas and create movement. These choreographers become responsible for their dancers’ well-being, source costumes and music, think about lighting design, write program notes and work to a timeline that ensures their piece is rehearsed and performance ready.’

There were ten items in this year’s program and all were quite engrossing and entertaining.  Each audience member would respond differently to these works but for this reviewer the following works were the most memorable.

‘Travelling Light’, a dance video by Natsuko Yonezawa, was dramatic and well-choreographed as well as demonstrating a mature use of film medium.  ‘Growing Pains’, choreographed by Tahi Atea, explored relationship changes over a lifetime.  The concept was clear and fully realized and it was charmingly danced by Natsuko Yonezawa and Walter Wolffs.

‘Pet Peeves’, choreographed by Patricia Hayes-Cavanagh, was amusing, well thought out and nicely danced.  The choreographer gave a particularly clever and funny introduction to her work.  ‘The Graveyard Shift’, choreographed by Jason Pearce, was a successful piece with a strong use of light and sound to enhance the concept of what it is like to be a shift worker in the middle of the night.

The outstanding work for me this year was ’17 Days’, choreographed by Caroline De Wan, which was a very theatrical concept that worked beautifully in terms of dance with excellent use of sound and lighting.

Once again the big attraction here was the imagination that went into these works and the ability to realize it in terms of dance.  This year’s program was of a very high standard across all of the works presented.

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